Capitual and Palremit: Pioneering the Future of Digital Banking

Palremit and Capitual partner to pioneer the future of digital banking

In an era where Blockchain technology meet the needs of modern banking, there are few that truly stand out. Two such names that have been consistently making waves in the fintech digital banking space are Capitual and Palremit. These powerhouses have now joined hands, setting the stage for an even brighter financial future for users worldwide. Here’s a closer look at this monumental partnership.

Capitual: the world’s first hybrid digital bank, Capitual isn’t just another name in the digital banking space; it’s the world’s first Hybrid Digital Bank. It signifies the beautiful merger of Blockchain technology with traditional banking, offering a seamless, inclusive future for all its users. Whether you’re looking at managing your finances, sending payments, or making bank transfers, Capitual ensures that everything is just a glance away.

Palremit: multi-currency digital wallet and exchange, Palremit brings to the table its robust digital wallet, facilitating both cross border payment and currency exchange in real time.

The news that has got everyone excited is the recent partnership between Capitual and Palremit. This isn’t just a simple collaboration; it’s a union of two giants aiming to revolutionize the way we see and experience digital banking, making remittance cheaper and faster.

The strategic and technical insights from Capitual will further enhance the user experience on Palremit, ensuring that transactions are smoother, more secure, and more user-friendly.

Seed Funding: A testament to trust in a move that showcases Capitual’s belief in Palremit’s potential, a $200k seed funding has been invested into Palremit. This financial backing is not just a business move but a significance to the trust and the vision Capitual sees in the collaboration.

The goal of this partnership is to help make currency exchange and remittance easy, faster and cheaper, leveraging Blockchain technology and traditional banking.

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