Introducing Palremit 2.0: Cleaner UI, Save Beneficiaries, Get Free USD Cards

Palremit 2.0 upgrade: new look, cooler features.

New look, same high performance. 

Navigate with more ease, send and receive funds in cryptocurrency or fiat currency — only on Palremit 2.0!

We’ve made our app better!

We’re excited to announce the release of our upgraded app, dubbed “Palremit 2.0” — a major update that brings a clean new user experience, the ability to save beneficiary profiles, and a free USD card for the first lucky 500 users who create their cards on Palremit.

Here’s what’s happening at Palremit HQ!

What’s New on Palremit?

In our last update, we walked you through how to send and receive money using Palremit ID. Now, we’ve made that screen better. 

Here’s what you can also expect on the upgraded app:

  1. Get a free USD virtual card to shop online and renew your service subscriptions
  2. Add and save beneficiaries
  3. Add text narrations to your transfers 

#1 USD Virtual Cards 💳

Palremit virtual cards are live!

As part of this campaign launch, Palremit is giving away free 500 USD cards to existing or new users  who sign up on the new app on Google PlayStore.

With your virtual card, you can shop anywhere that accepts payments online, pay for your Netflix, Canva, YouTube, or Amazon Prime subscriptions.

This promo is only for the first 500 users to claim their offer. So hurry and get your virtual cards up, fund it, and stop getting declined when you make international payments.

#2 Save Beneficiary Account Numbers

You can now save a beneficiary account number to your Palremit app. If you have an account number that you frequently send money to on your Palremit account,  you can save them automatically and just tap on the saved account the next time you send money.

Save account information of your loved ones, friends, service providers, and business partners that you send money frequently to, and never have to retype their account information when initiating new transfers.

#3 Add Narrations to Your Transfers 

Additionally, Palremit now allows you to add text narration to all transfers you make on the app. With this, you can easily file and track your transactions in a way that matters to you.

For example, if you make recurring payments on your Palremit account, you can keep track of how frequently you make those payments using narrations in your transfers.

How to Update 

Palremit 2.0 is available now as an app upgrade on Google PlayStore. Simply visit your Google PlayStore and download the new version of our app.

Login With Your Same Credentials, No Interruptions 

Once you install the upgraded version of our app, you can then login and continue using your money on Palremit. But if you lose your password or login details, simply click on “Forgot Password?” to recover your account information, and not miss a beat.

Note: Palremit app is only distributed on Google PlayStore freely for our users. We will never ask you to click on any third-party link (outside Google PlayStore) to download our app. 

Also note that at this time, Palremit app is not available on the Apple Store; we are working towards launching our app for our iPhone users, and once we do, we’ll let you know.

What are People Saying About Palremit?

Palremit app is available on Google PlayStore, where the majority of our users have reviewed the quality of our product based on ease of use, functionality, competitive exchange rates and markup, and instant transfers.

For example, “Abu David’s World” expressed how impressed he was with how Palremit blends both worlds of crypto and fiat finance.

Ajayi Promise says the upgraded Palremit app has got a “nice user interface” and is now more “user-friendly.” 

Ease of use for even the least tech-savvy people we serve has always been a priority for us and part of our design philosophy at Palremit.

Hart Paul Ibikiri says we’ve got a “great customer support” team. We have improved our customer support team since we launched Palremit. Now, we have an in-house 24/7 support team that is ever ready to walk you through any challenges or disputes you might face while using our app. Reach out using the in-app live chat feature or contact us on any of our verified social media accounts.

Manage crypto and fiat money on Palremit. It just works.

Download the Palremit app on Google PlayStore to start enjoying seamless financial transactions on the go. You can swap money between USDT and other local currencies on the app now. Start using your money without borders.

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