3.0 Verse and Palremit Announce Strategic Partnership

3.0 verse and Palremit announce their strategic partnership

3.0 Verse and Palremit have now entered a global partnership to ease financial transaction processes in Africa and beyond. The landmark move will see the two companies combine 3.0 Verse’s industry-leading integrated financial services with Palremit’s innovative financial technology solutions.


3.0 Verse is a groundbreaking digital platform designed to unify the trading experience across both Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystems. This platform facilitates seamless access to a wide range of crypto exchanges and decentralized protocols, all from a single interface, simplifying the trading process for its 3 million users.

Palremit’s services are tailored to meet the needs of consumers looking to efficiently participate in the global economy, with a focus on accessibility and convenience in financial transactions. The platform provides hybrid card services that allows users to transact in over 150 countries, highlighting its global reach and versatility. Palremit stands out for its commitment to offering low-fee, high-speed, and user-friendly tools for international remittances.

Goals & objective of the partnership 

The scope and objective of this partnership will see Palremit provide card services, as well as integrate on-ramp and off-ramp services to allow 3.0 Verse users access to more digital assets. And according to Emmanuel Jago—Palremit’s VP of growth, this partnership also helps foster the “international market penetration and service-centered goals of Palremit’s solution.”

This partnership will enable 3.0 Verse issue virtual cards to users using Palremit’s infrastructure. Thanks to Palremit’s technology, 3.0 Verse users can now easily create virtual cards. These cards work for many online services, helping to blend digital money more smoothly into daily spending and transactions on the platform.

For users and African adopters, the ability to deposit local currencies like NGN, KES, GHS, and all other supported African currencies on 3.0 Verse represents a major step forward in creating financial inclusion.

With this provision, users can now make deposits and withdrawals, as well as seamlessly exchange fiat money for crypto. This bridges the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency, allowing customers to manage their finances through a single platform.

Industry impact

Largely, the goal for collaborations like this in the tech ecosystem is to continue to integrate more solutions in financial technology that brings in more excluded people to participate in global finance. Palremit is still committed to creating financial inclusion for Africans.

And by leveraging Palremit’s card services and 3.0 Verse’s financial technology solutions, this collaboration aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking services and the digital economy, promising a future where financial inclusion is not just an ideal, but a reality for all Africans. This strategic alliance plans to introduce a more convenient, secure, and efficient way of conducting financial transactions. They will cater to the diverse needs of the African market by offering comprehensive on-ramp and off-ramp services.

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