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Travel & Money brings you stories from expatriates, digital nomads and frequent travellers wandering the globe and how they share experiences of how they’re conquering global payments and currency exchanges when they travel. What works for them, what doesn’t. What have they done before that worked for them? What didn’t?

In this strip, we cover stories of money exchange scams and how you can navigate your finances better when you travel abroad with Palremit. How others are doing it, tips and advice to help you succeed with your finances when you are globe-trotting.

From hostel hacks to off-the-beaten-path bargains, learn how fellow travelers are keeping their wanderlust fueled without breaking the bank. Discover secret apps, budget-stretching tips, and ways to make your pennies sing even when you’re exploring the far corners of the earth.

We’re unveiling the insider secrets of navigating exchange rates like a pro. Learn where to find the best deals, how to avoid hidden fees, and say goodbye to those wallet-draining surprises. We even share cautionary tales from the exchange trenches, so you can sidestep the scams and save your hard-earned cash.

Your financial wingman. No adventure is complete without a trusty sidekick, and for conquering the globetrotting money maze, you’ve got Palremit by your side. We’ll showcase how fellow travelers are using PalRemit’s magic to send money seamlessly, manage their finances across borders, and embrace the freedom of wanderlust without the financial worry.

Explore the world, one smart money move at a time. From stories you’ll deeply come to came about!